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Wayne Miller, Cr.Photog., CPP

Better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring....

We all see things through our minds eye in life. My photography is a representation of what might be or could be in an image. Creating art in photography can start with an idea or theme and transform into a powerful conceptual photograph. My photographic purpose is to create that vision in my mind’s eye into art. Painters paint, sculptures sculpt, and photographers photograph. My photography is a sample of what I see at a moment in time.

Today everyone with a camera is a photographer and many are very passionate about taking pictures. Some are very good photographers both professional and amateur or some are just starting out.  The photos that stand out are from the photographers that study, fail, learn from their mistakes and keep moving ahead in their craft.

Wayne has a Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) degree from (PPA) Professional Photographers of America, and is a (CPP) Certified Professional Photographer with a Portrait Specialty Endorsement from (PPA) .

PPGBA Illustrative Photographer of 2013
NCPP Photographer of the Year 2013Photographer of the Year 2011
NCPP Photographer of the Year 2010 Wayne MillerNCPP Photographer of the Year 2009 Wayne Miller



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About The Person

Wayne was born and raised in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. He became interested in B&W film photography at a young age and has been passionate about it even more with digital. The wet darkroom had been replaced with digital tools and the ability to create images that were not possible a few years ago. His passion for the art shows in his style of photography and he is always trying new creative tools in his work.
Bio: Wayne Miller, Cr. Photog., CPP

Wayne Miller Photography of Clayton, CA is a PPA degreed Craftsman Photographer and CPP Certified Professional Photographer in Portrait and Commercial Photography.  Wayne has been honored as Northern California Professional Photographers” Member of the year, Photographer of the Year three years in a row and a past President.  He is also pursuing his degree of Master of Photography with PPA.

He has also given workshops in Photography Business 101, Posing, Studio Lighting, Model Portrait Workshops, Photoshop Glamour Retouching, HDR (High Dynamic Range) plus Lightroom and Photoshop seminars. Wayne also has given speaking presentations for local professional photographer affiliates, lectured at State Convention, and local photography groups.

Membership in the following professional photography organizations.
PPA-Professional Photographers of America
PPGBA-Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area -
Current Board Member

Previous membership in these local clubs and associations:

NCPP-Northern California Professional Photographer - Past - President and Webmaster
CCCC-Contra Costa Camera Club -Pleasant Hill, CA- Past President
Rusty Bindings Ski Club
-Walnut Creek, CA-Past V. President
Aahmes Shrine Clowns
-Livermore, CA- Past President

Wayne is based in Clayton,  Northern California, USA.

Artist Statement

"What is ordinary can become extraordinary, and what is extraordinary can become ordinary, our mind is the only vehicle for that transformation". -Wayne Miller-

More about me that most people do not know!

Wayne Miller Photography Cr.Photog. CPP CPP Liaison - Conceptual Photographer

All my life I have been very competitive. Not because I want to beat the other person but to better myself. I have always pushed myself in things that I wanted to learn and excel.

Now that wasn't the way I felt in school. I was just an average student with average grades, almost failing the classes that I had little or no interest. I think English was my worst and shop classes my best. Wood shop, metal shop, and of course Auto Shop was my favorite.

I also owned my own steel fabrication business for almost 20 years and closed it in the 1990 recession. At the peak of the business I had 25 employees (children) with a love/hate relationship  with the construction business. I have three of my best customer file for bankruptcy and they owed me a bunch.

I am still a self proclaimed  "Gear Head" today and I have completed ground up restorations on: 1961 MGA 1600 Roadster, 1962 BSA A10 Super Rocker and 1948 Indian Chief Motorcycles. Not only did I do all the work myself except bodywork, paint. upholstery then I also read and studied the history of each one. I have entered several Concours D'Elegance and won several 1st place trophy for each vehicle.

Sports in school I well "sucked at" so I became a late bloomer. I started working out at the gym in my twenties and have been at it 3-6 days a week for over 35 years.  I also took up snow skiing about the same time and started racing with a singles club "Rusty Bindings".  I advanced from beginner (E-Class) to expert after a few year and finished 2nd place in the A-class for men.  I also started waterskiing around the same time and worked my way up into doing timed slalom course runs which I liked but never competed in any real events. I have owned several boats and water skied up until my 50th birthday

On my 50th birthday I learned to barefoot water ski and was hooked. I sold my old boat and bought a 1998 Sanger Barefooter Tournament Ski Boat. Skiing at 45mph on your bare feet takes either guts or stupidity but I think it takes ball. I learned to ski backwards, one foots, tumble turns, and one foot wake crossings. I entered my first tournament for beginners and came in second in my class. I was beaten by an 18 yo kid....  I barefooted for 15 years and after dislocating my right shoulder 6 times, and numerous other injuries, decided to retire and sold my boat.

About the time I sold my boat I was re-interested in photography. I started with film back in the 60's and lost interest after my ex-brother in-law burned all the family stuff and my photos because of an argument with my sister. I was in England for a year when I heard about it....

I joined two local camera clubs with my new found hobby and my new Nikon D100 6-megapixle camera around 2000. They had image competition every meeting so I was in 2-3 image competitions a month and hooked. Starting out as a beginner and working my way up in a few years to the Masters Class, After winning that class for two years and making a bunch of friends I left. I then joined NCPP Northern California Professional Photographers and they have monthly meeting with professional speakers and image competition.

I will always remember my first time at NCPP image competition my two images we tossed into the below 70 crap pile.... What an eye opener after being from Masters Class in camera club.

I also joined PPA Professional Photographers of America shortly after and went after my CPP Certified Professional Photographer degree. I p[assed the written test and score a 82 out of 100 questions, Then I had to submit 20 of my images for the images submission part of the certification.  Well folks as luck wouldn't have it PPA rejected my images....heart broke again.

Another wakeup call make your images better and I did get my CPP on the second attempt, plus I submitted 10 more image and got a Portrait Specialty Endorsement. I also entered PPA IPC International Print Competition (each year over 8,000 images are submitted) and will receive my Master of Photographer degree in Jan 2015. It takes 13 merited images and 12 service merits for the degree. I received my Craftsman of Photographer two years ago for teaching and speaking. Also along the way I was named NCPP Photographer of the Year for 2009, 20010, 2011 and 2013. Also honored as PPGBA Illustrative Photographer of the year 2013.

During all of the about I also joined the Blue Lodge Masons, Shrine and Shrine Clowns.

Some of the organizations that I am or been part of:

PPA - Cr.Photog. CPP CPP Liaison

PPGBA-Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area - Current Board Member and Webmaster 

NCPP-Northern California Professional Photographer - Past President and Webmaster
CCCC-Contra Costa Camera Club -Pleasant Hill, CA- Past President
Rusty Bindings Ski Club
-Walnut Creek, CA-Past V. President
Aahmes Shrine Clowns
-Livermore, CA- Past President

Bragging rights maybe, but my point is 'Never, ever, ever, ever surrender"

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